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Understanding Mordants and Modifiers

Tri-Sodium Phosphate


Description: Colorless or white crystalline powder,
Other Names: T.S.P., sodium phosphate tribasic, orthophosphate, oakite
Dye Use: Alkali modifier, General cleaner for spills in work area, scouring dyepots. Might be an interesting avenue of dye exploration. Also general household and commercial cleaner, also used in water softeners. Most of the TV "miracle" cleaners are TSP compound, plus carrying agents and coloring.
Best On: Cellulose fibers.
Dye Recipe: Try 1/8-1/2 tsp first and see what happens
Safety: Generally fairly safe but can cause irreversible damage if ingested
Disposal: Pour down toilet
Alternative: Baking soda, tartaric acid, water softener.
Source: Grocery store or hardware store

CODES: c = cup; gal = gallon; lb = pound (weight); tbsp = Tablespoon; tsp = teaspoon / [AF] Anglo-French; [Ar] Arabic; [AS] Anglo-Saxon; [Dan] Danish; [Du] Dutch; [Fr] French; [Ger] German; [Gk] Greek; [It] Italian; [L] Classical Latin; [LL] Late Latin; [ME] Middle English; [ML] Modern Latin; [OE] Old English; [OF] Old French; [ON] Old Norse; [OS] Old Saxon; [Port] Portuguese; [Sp] Spanish; [Sw] Swedish / CE = Common Era; BCE = Before Common Era

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